23.11.2022 - Award

Once again, we are happy to announce that Omega speakers have been awarded by
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s314 Omega review

"Two Polish designers, hidden behind the brand s314, are in that magical initial period of the company, when they put every bit of their knowledge and possibilities into the products, while at the same time they want to establish themselves with an attractively set price policy - that's why you can enjoy, for example, with the current top model Omega a really beautiful finish, very good components in an excellent implementation and an overall natural, fun and effortless result with a fair amount of musicality to carry you through any music."

Daniel Březina - HiFi-Voice

06.09.2022 - Award

We are proud to announce that our Omicron has been honored with a prestigious award by
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s314 Omicron review

"s314 Omicron are excellent. So delicious, in fact, that we purchased a test pair…"

"The great thing about Omicron is how they play with virtually no annoyance, human, warm and unobtrusive, yet beautifully clean and naturally non-technical."

"They are very nicely made, fitted with quality components and most importantly - they work."

"Their capabilities definitely lie higher than where their price tag is set."

Daniel Březina - HiFi-Voice

03-04.06.2022 - Audio Video Show Praha

These days we were visiting one of the most beautiful city, Prague. This time as the Audio Video Show exhibitor, which was always our dream. Keep dreaming guys, dreams can really become true. You could have found us in the room 603 of Stages Hotel. We would like to thank everyone who visited us for their warm words. For all of you, we hope to see you next year and we promise, you will be surprised once again ;).

At last but not least - special thanks to Daniel Březina, for perfect organization and hospitality.